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About us

The Leading Product
Our construction and material supply group leads the industry in the building and civil construction. This group operates over structural steel, noise barrier, building, roads and drainage works and other production and distribution facilities which provide a diversified line of services, and related services to all parts of the construction industry in Hong Kong and Macau. In addition to construction, we are a leading provider of products and services such as Glazed Clay Pipe, Jacking Pipe, Noise Barrier Panel, PMMA panel, Polycarbonate panel, Vitreous Panel, Nature stone , reconstituted stone and Louvre.

 In 2008, our company shipped approximately 12 containers of building material to Hong Kong. Every strategically placed division headquarters assume operational responsibility for the widespread construction materials activities we undertake.

Historically, more than half of the building materials have been used in the construction and maintenance of highways, roads, and streets, and in other public works projects. The remainder has been used in the construction of housing, nonresidential buildings, commercial and industrial facilities, and railroad , and in non-construction uses including agricultural and various industrial applications.

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